Legacy Portraits

Legacy Portraits are formal and classic in nature and can be of one person, your pet, or the entire family.  

I find it easiest to describe Legacy Portraits as a formal, museum-quality portrait.  Are you looking for an heirloom piece that will tell your story through the generations?  Then Legacy is what you want.


 Most of the Legacy Portraits I take are in my home studio, but my lighting, background, etc may be transported to your home or garden (depending on the situation).  During your consultation, you and I will discuss backgrounds & props, as well as clothing choices. I will work with you to design a work of art that you will proudly display on your walls, treasured for years to come.  


A Legacy Portrait is defined by the posing and lighting used on the subject(s).  I encourage my Legacy portrait subjects to come dressed in formal attire, or very simple elegant attire, to produce a classic look that will not age with the years.  That is the simple beauty of Legacy Portraits -- their timeless elegance.


Most of our Legacy families order their portrait printed & painted on canvas for that museum quality finish.