Senior/Graduation Portraits

I started my business taking images of senior/grads, and have loved them ever since.  I've taken senior pics in fields, on trucks, with dogs, without dogs, in gardens, at the beach, at The Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, in shopping centers, in the city, at the barn.   I love them all; each one tells a unique story.  Because our grads are unique and this is a special time in their lives, I want to help you celebrate them.  

We'll plan your grad's session to make it different and all about him or her.  I am known to run out and get special props for a grad session ... or clothing items ... or scout new locations ... or try new backgrounds.  I'm always changing it up around here and trying new things, always learning.  Because that's how I get better as a photographer, and because that's how a good senior portrait is taken. 




Hello there!

Thank you so much for considering Nicole as your child's photographer. 

As parents, we know the mixed emotions you have about the senior year. 

I want to capture all of this for you!

>>>>>  Selecting a photographer that will provide you with a product that delivers a return on your investment is of utmost importance to me. I am an established professional with 16+ years of photography business experience. I do not do this as a hobby. Come back next year and my door won’t be closed, nor will I have moved on to the next great thing. I am invested in the community and love having my business contribute to what I hope is a growing local economy.


>>>>>  I strive to work with my clients in delivering their vision; I am often asked for a fashion-inspired session. The seniors love it. Some of my clients want this look and others may want a more conservative look. I work with my clients to achieve the look they are after. Parents and students alike are participating in the choices made at the session. 

>>>>>  In addition, I provide you with prints and images that don’t just look good on social media. My products are printed through professional labs, and look better at 20"X30" than they do on instagram and facebook. But the most important piece of the equation is that YOUR SENIOR is happy, comfortable and safe during our shoot!  (after all, they are still your babies) They need to feel respected and have a voice in this process. When that is factored in, they will receive images that simply thrill them. 

>>>>>  Feel free to give me a call to discuss your needs and what you would like from a session. Use the contact form or call during regular business hours.